Puck Of The Estate is a Play written by Michael Wicherick of Box Clever Theatre Company.

I was commissioned to compose and perform songs for this play.

Please see sample lyrics below


Every day the same ole

Feels like nothings gonna change

walk my dog (down the) same road

should feel nice wen everyone knows your name

But I long for strangers in different boats

where no one knows from where you came

time to move on put my head up

see a different picture in my window frame

Maybe I’ll walk mountains

Maybe sail on seas

Maybe I’ll serenade raindrops

Maybe… Maybe I’ll just be

I was asked to write for Touch Magazine. Below is the poem that they published…


Release me Release me

No more bondage of captivity

Take me out of your head and put me in your mouth

Take me into you vibrational space and let me out

Release me fast Release me slow

Release me smooth or staccato

Release me with base or vibrato just let me live

I was birthed to give but still waiting take form

Release me from being still born

Release me from my rage, from the cage of this page

let me take my place on your life’s stage

gloat with me, quote with me, gargle in you throat with me

use me, adapt me, affirm me, rap me,

sing me, clap me, do anything but trap me

For I was born to dance on your dinner tables

Tear off your sticky labels

Give you truth disguised as fables

And tap into your inner cables

I manifest in the shaman, the layman, the mistress & maiden

I am your future manifestation of history in the making

I am your instant messenger to the spirits of nature

I can be your destroyer or I can be your saviour

For I am the word and God was me

So if you truly love me, set me free

In 2013 the British Red Cross celebrated 150 years of services and I was selected as create a piece of work from the eyes of a refugee.

The exhibition was called Seeking Sanctuary. See below for excerpt of work


Is this some cruel dream from whence I slept

I yearn for absent moments that I’d forget

Where all of us still laugh and eat and cry together

I wish I held on tighter – and made it last forever

Unsuspecting of the future

Now I am broken

I vowed to never leave you side

Before God words were spoken

And now we stand apart

still joined at heart

united from the start

Guide me back to where you are

©Oneness Sankara 2015