The DJ


I guess you could mark the start of my love for hip hop with the release of NWA Straight Outta Compton back in 1988. However growing up in a Grenadian household in North London; I think it’s fair to say that my love for music began well before that.  Music is in my heart beat. It was born within me before my first breath.

During my teenage years my love of music manifested itself in an all girls sound system called Lady Force- where we set the teen scene on fire both on and off the decks. Ragga, RnB, Jungle & Hip Hop. We did it all. 5 teenage girls on a mission. Not quite sure what the mission was but it was definitely a journey of talent, creativity, sisterhood and most importantly love. All woven together through vinyl.

Fast forward to the Noughties. Susan is no longer Lady Harmony and Oneness has well and truly taken over this incarnation. I am now a spoken-word poet and performer with no intention of playing records in the foreseeable future…until…

My partners in Rhyme call for me to step out of turntable retirement in celebration of 5 years of spoken word poetry with BKS. Never one to ignore a worthy challenge- I enlist the assistance of DJ KMT (Freedom Teacher) to bring me up to speed for things had surely changed during my 15 year hiatus. I was truly an analogue girl in a digital world! (Seratwho?)

As a humble young Padawan (Star Wars Ref #BlameTuggStar) I studied from the Jedi and was ready to face the empire. Not quite the empire but Club Couture London. Something about that gig in Dec 2010 ignited a fire in me. One which a tried to ignore but got stronger and stronger until I had to surrender to the music. From London to Berlin to Zanibar my DJ Love Affair continues…

Enjoy a few mixes on me ❤️

Zanzibar 2014


Passing on the skills to the next genration