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OneNess Sankara Creative Healing

OneNess Sankara’s  work is her life’s passion. From the tender age of eight, she showed an incredible aptitude for the creative arts. Singer, songwriter, poet, host, actress, director and DJ; OneNess Sankara is a vanguard of the arts. OneNess Sankara is more than your average ordinary songstress that see’s her gift as being a healing remedy to the soul which cannot be boxed into any category. OneNess Sankara views her music as being funky, quirky, adventurous, humorous, thought provoking and will even bring a tear or two. OneNess Sankara creates a world of her own in which she allows her listeners to embark on this journey with her.

Born and raised in London of African/Grenadian heritage OneNess has been performing since the age of eight. Her exceptional spoken word/singer songwriting abilities have created a buzz for herself across the UK and beyond (places included as Norway, Zimbabwe, Germany to name a few). The entire world really is her stage as her work has taken her from The Glastonbury Festival to The Royal Festival Hall as well as performances on the BBC, SKY and Choice FM. A further testament to her achievements are the number of accolades she has received including being awarded BEFFTA Best Spoken Word Artist, Women of Substance Spoken Word Artist, BWA’s Spoken Word Artist of 2015 and being on of the Top Five Black Female Poets list by the New Nation newspaper. OneNess is also the first artist outside the United States to win an award at The Toronto International Poetry Slam.

A seasoned performer, she has taken her spoken word to the stage as a solo artist as well as performing as part of the respected poetry quartetBest Kept Secret. The group’s only female member, OneNess compliments her male counterparts with her dynamic performances, the finished product, and a beautifully unified voice from one of London’s most prized spoken word groups.

OneNess adopted her name after it came to her in a particularly vivid dream. This has ultimately changed the course of her life personally and professionally. “Ever since then it’s been a journey finding out about OneNess. I’ve learnt that the name keeps you in check. OneNess is to remind me about the aspiration for OneNess in all aspects of my being.” Her chosen surname, Sankara, is an homage to Thomas Sankara; a man who has been described by some as “charismatic and an iconic figure of revolution”, a man that OneNess favours for his staunch stance on gender equality.

Songstress & Poetess

OneNess Sankara attributes human nature’s ability to withstanding the most trying of circumstances as the fuel that drives her to create ‘I have to take things to the next level. I’m very much motivated by the great acts of others. Having to finish a writing assignment or something is minor compared to Harriet Tubman who spent her life helping Africans escape from the plantation. There are people in this world that are in war torn situations, there are people in this country that are homeless, we’ve all got our stories, but people are surviving through so much that it encourages me to use the talents that I’ve got”.
Next? Oneness is currently working Back II LIVE with Hoxton Hall and writing her one woman show; a
 narrative about one woman’s journey of self discovery told through the mediums of spoken word poetry, music and song. 

It is humbling being in the presence of an unassuming artist with a true sense of self and a wicked sense of humour. OneNess is a socially conscious artist with the elevation and education of her community at her heart. To try and label her is to cause your brain to short circuit. She is a connoisseur of art and those exposed to the lyrical workings of Miss Sankara should be fully braced to see the world with new eyes”.

Juanita Rosenior (Afro Base)

“Funny, empowering informative and downright awesome!”

Makomborero Muzenda (DefZee)

“wowed the audience with her eloquence and emotion”

Stuart Moyo (Zimbo Jam)

This softly sung performance poet demonstrates musical angles that I liken unto a feel reminiscent of ‘cool flavoured’ Lily Allen. An urban twist, catchy, probing and sure to make you smile with down to earth lyrics relatable to the everyday person living the everyday life.”

BASHIYRA (Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger/Vocal Coach)

Comedic and satirical lyricism combine with upbeat soul-pop chords, strings and a heavy dose of fun: A Colon and a Bracket is the debut single from all round creative Oneness Sankara. Wryly commenting on current social media trends and the formation of virtual relationships, Oneness’ track comes at a welcome time as some of us descend deeper into the online networking frenzy.”

Victoria Blackshaw (Focus Organsations)

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