The Rise Of The Divine Feminine


& How to Harness Her Power


 A dynamic transformational workshop where we explore the divine feminine as a gift that can be  consciously embraced for tangible progression, healing and advancement in ones life.




Open your heart and learn tools to to empower you, your community and the ones that you love.

Sunday 22nd May 2016



The Rise Of The Divine Feminine


Sounds good but what does that mean? It it fancy-floaty-neo-aged-speak? Or… is it something solid that can be harnessed for us to heal, let go and embrace the life that we truly desire?

Come and honour your divinity, upgrade your system & find peace in the power of surrender.


 Sunday 22nd May 2016 11am – 4pm


1 Day Transformational Workshop £75*

1 Day Transformational Workshop £55 (Conc)*



This course is led by Oneness Sankara

Oneness Sankara is a creative in it’s fullest sense with her gifts ranging from creativity writing music and performance. Underpinning Oneness’ creativity is a long history of energy work including Reiki, Meditation, Intuitive Coaching and Transformative Facilitation.



The Rise Of The Divine Feminine


For a long time femininity and its power has been misunderstood, manhandled and feared. The planet is calling for a new alignment and healing. As women we have been gifted as the chief custodians of the innate power within all of us known as the Divine Feminine. In times where this has been suppressed the collective has suffered. We have suffered. This time is ending and it’s time for us to riseheal and love ourselves and each other again.

Live the lives that we know we are truly capable of living. 


Does your heart have questions? Not sure? Or need more information? Please email: Love@onenesssankara.com with your phone number and convenient contact times; and we will happily give you a call.


  • Please note that a £15 deposit is required to secure you place
  • Address and directions will be sent in your confirmation pack upon booking.

Open You Heart & The Rest Will Follow!

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