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#Back2LIVE Saturday 21st February 2015 (& the story behind it!)




2014 was a very emotive year for me and many others around me. On a personal and political level there were things taking place that were both inspiring and heartbreaking. From Exibit B to Ferguson; From cultural appropriation; to saying goodbye to loved ones. Many a conversation took place. Many a protest ensued and many tears were shed. Some in anger, some in pain, some in joy and healing.

I was left with a desire to nurture an energy of solutions and empowerment. It dawned upon me that there are many amazing people in the world- in my world. I wanted to share them with each other. I felt that despite what we identify as problems; there are numerous groups and individuals who are committed to leaving the world in a better place than they found it.

These people do their work in such creative ways that I wanted to be part of a platform where they could share their leading edge works and ideas with others. Those of like mind and those who are simply curious. Thus, Back II LIVE was born.

Born as a response to the City Life Contradictions thats we experience as a generation. As a society. A young artist by the name of Watuzi87 has a track called ‘Do the damn thing’ and in the sprit of that track (click for track) I did the (dam) thing. Rather than waiting for BBC news to broadcast news we care about; I reached out to ShakaRa & Emma Ako and we birthed the current affairs segment of BACK II LIVE That’s what I call News!. Rather than complaining that mainstream contemporary art lacks depth… BACK II LIVE will promote artist who connect with the depths of who they are and share that with the world. And the story continues from ‘Fear of a Green Planet’ with KMT Freedom Teacher to ‘Up Inna U Bizniz, where we find out about the people and the purpose behind the art. And yep; there’s more. Much more. But rather than me writing about it; I invite you to come along and experience it. Featuring:- Zena Edwards, Native Sun, Kat Francois, Alim Kamara, KMT Freedom Teacher, Mudibu, ShakaRa, Emma Ako, Kai Gama & me- your host.


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