Wishing you a Happy New Year

Oh my days. New Year reach already! Woah! Come journey with me as I rewind time to my Top 10 (in no particular order) highlights as a creative artist this year…

1. As you may or may not know my background is in theatre. In many ways I herald the theatre as the birthplace of my creativity and I was delighted to be commissioned by Box Clever Theatre Company to co-write an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet. More info see link below.

2. Box Clever does it again and makes it onto my highlights for 2013; as I had the pleasure of writing songs for the play ‘Set in Concrete‘ by Michael Wicherick . This project has an awesome team including Director: Iqbal Khan, Media Specialist: Anna Bosworth, Actors: Lloyd Thomas & Aryana and an awesome group of young people known as the Clever Collective. For more info see links below.

3. On occasion (o.k quite a few occasions) I write about matters of the heart. The poem ‘I Try‘ is one of those occasions. It was a pleasure to team up with Of The Red Production & Kai Gama of The Insomniax to create this video.

4. I love to perform as you know. I also love sunshine and the outdoors so performing at festivals on sunny days are perfect for me. Hence performing at Wireless Festival and Hard Rock Calling as part of the Onit PR crew makes it onto my highlight list.

5. In 2012 I performed as part of a program of work curated by Jonzi D entitled Lyrikal Fearta and Other Works (http://goo.gl/K6h7yO). I was invited back to Lyrikal Fearta this December to perform an excerpt from my forth coming one woman show (currently untitled). I had an excellent time and I was humbled to perform my work as part of such a strong program. Oh and in February I will return to Lyrikal Fearta performing ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ with the talented Jane Sekonya-John.
For more info… you know what to do right… get clicking 😉

6. ‘Seeking Sanctuary’ was British Red Cross‘ celebration of 150 years. I was one of 10 artist that was selected to create work for this awesome project.

7. So my track Orange Wednesday’s. I love performing it but it took me a while to get a recording of it that I loved. I think that we are there now fam. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

8. OMG… OMG… Picture this. A 5 year old OneNess in a Tottenham living room screeching out the words to ‘Silly Games‘ by the Lovers Rock Legend Janet Kay. Wishing that I may one day meet her, be near her… Let her hear my rendition of ‘Silly Games’ perhaps. Now fast forward to 2013, Brixton, The Edutainment Palace. Yes Fam! Not only did I meet a hero but I opened up for her performance. I didn’t however share my rendition of her tune but in the audience I couldn’t help doing this…

9. Doing what I love. (As per video at top of this post) Performance! Performance! Performance! Click here for coming shows or follow on twitter @onenesssankara

10. Being alive. Having the opportunity to share and learn with all. A special big up to the young people of whom I’ve had the blessing of working with. They are the next generation who continue to inspire me! Gush Gush Gush! Happy 2014!!!!!

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