New Poetry Video (She Dances) New Poetry Video!- ‘I Try’

New Poetry Video (She Dances) New Poetry Video!- ‘I Try’

This poem was written in the early part of the last decade. It felt like a really different time then- but some things don’t change all that much. When I write I very much feel the passion and relevance of my work at the time; then as we do as artist we move on. It sometimes take a friend of your art to pull you back and say “Yo! That piece needs to be resurrected” or for a new friend of your art to hear it and think that you wrote it today. On this occasion a mixture of the two happened.

The Poem ‘I Try’

If had to some up the essence of this poem in one word I would use the word ‘insecurity’. Insecurity from him… Insecurities from her… Insecurities from the hims and hers before the two of them even met. Well that’s my take on the poem. But hey, I wrote it so have a listen (or read) and make your on call : )


I had been speaking with Kev aka Red from Of The Red Productions for a few months. Can’t remember exactly how it started, but it started. I know it had something to so with @Lizzie Seka (thanks Liz). So Kev & I went through the usual creative courtship; first we Tweet and Facebook. Then we graduate to text and eventually voice to voice conversation aka phone-calls. After discovering that he was a fellow North Londoner (I think that sealed the deal!) I decided to send him a recording of the poem ‘I Try’. He heard it and felt that the recording itself was so dynamic that we should use it as a foundation and create video imagery to go with it.

The Recording

So back in the mid noughties I went on tour with my poetry collective Best Kept Secret. One of our stops was Toronto. Whilst in Toronto Dwayne Morgan was hosting his annual Toronto International Poetry Slam. The brotha’s in the collective had planned to enter and I planned to support them all the way. Little did I know that they had other plans and that I too would be entering the slam. Now I thank my brotha’s especially Tuggstar for TELLING me that I had to enter or could no longer consider myself a poet (ok I paraphrase … badly! But you get the drift of how this went down!). Anyways why am I telling you this? Because (*she cuts to the chase! Phew!) the poem was recorded in Toronto a few days after the Toronto International Poetry Slam (where I won an award) and the poem ‘I Try’ got me into the finals. Capeesh (she landed!).

The Video

So finally numerous twitter DM’s and text messages later we found the wonderful actor- Kai Gama- and got to filming.

And here you have the Spoken Word Video…. ‘I TRY’



*sometimes I refer to myself in the third person! So sue me! ; )

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