OneNess has had a diverse artistic career. She has over 20 years of performance experience and a rich background in the world of theatre .OneNess Sankara as 'Thandiwe'


(2018) The Immigrant: Writer

(2017) Word Sound Vol 1: Author

(2016) Loud Talkin: Writer

(2014) Box Clever: Urban Mischief Song Writer

(2013) Emergency Exit Arts: Songwriter/Performer for British Red Cross ‘Seeking Sanctuary’

(2013) The Challenge Network: Workshop Facilitator

(2012/2013) Box Clever: Singer, Musician and Writer

(2012) Box Clever- Romeo and Juliet Adaptation: Co-writer

(2011) KEUSE/CHOICE: Writer and Performer



(2009) Tuggstar for President: Best Kept Secret

(2008) Gangland: Best Kept Secret

(2005)The Brothers: Choice FM

(2005)Modern Amazons

(2004)Car Story: Box Clever Theatre Company

(2004)Blood at the Root: Final Year Degree Performance

(2003)Bespoken Word: BBC Radio 4

(2003)Inevitable Mystique: Cockpit Theatre

(2002)Musical Touch: Talk of London Theatre

(2002)Jack Shit: Part of Jackson Lane Theatre Display Programme

(1999)Calabash: The Birds Nest Theatre

(1998)Syreena’s Song: Second Wave Centre

(1997)Travelling Light: Independent Film


(2009) Tuggstar for President: (BKS) Creative Director

(2008) Gangland: (BKS)Creative Director

(2008) Yard Gal (Bernie Grant Arts Centre- BTEC)- Director

(2007) Leave Taking (Bernie Grant Arts Centre- BTEC)- Director

(2007) The Wedding (Nottingham Playhouse/Eclipse):Director

(2007) The Interview (Nottingham Playhouse/Eclipse):Director

(2007) Unity (Drum Birmingham): Director

(2007) Misrepresented People (Nottingham Playhouse):Director

(2006) Emerging Emerged Showcase for New Arts Exchange: Creative Director

(2006) Griot Speak: (Nottingham Playhouse): Producer, Host and Creative Director

(2006) Earl of Mo’Bay (Theatre Writing Partnership): Assistant Director

(2006)Back in the Day for Nottingham Playhouse : Director

(2006) Poetry Summit(Cochran Theatre): Creative Director

(2005-06) Nottingham Playhouse: Brit Programmer and Producer

(2005) League of Extraordinary Wordsmiths(Oval House Theatre): Producer/Artistic Director

(2003) Souljah (North London University): Showcase Co-ordinator


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