A Colon & A Bracket : ) Workshop

A Colon & A Bracket : ) Workshop

A Colon & A Bracket : ) Workshop is delivered by OneNess Sankara who has over 15 years of experience working within the field of arts and education.

This workshop is a dynamic, fun filled experience where young people get the unique opportunity to write their very own Anti Bullying Song.

A Colon & A Bracket Anti Cyber-Bullying Workshop

 In this dynamic and fun filled workshop pupils have the opportunity to express and analyse their ideas and experiences relating to cyber-bullying, their responsibilities to others and what they can actively do when these situations occur.

 A Colon & A Bracket : ) Workshop gives young people the space to stretch themselves creatively, whilst creating solutions and contributing to art that other people can learn from.

 “Don’t forget that even though you can’t see a cyber bully or the bully’s victim, cyber bullying causes real problems. Delete cyber bullying. Don’t write it. Don’t forward it.” (National Crime Prevention Council).


If you or your organisation would like to book A Colon & A Bracket : ) Workshop or require additional details on OneNess Sankara’s educational creative workshops please email: bookings@onitpr.co.uk or call :07971 481 956 for further information.

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