This is what I’m doing for today

There’s always today

That’s why I’m living for today

Buzzing in my own creative way

Don’t care what they say

That’s why I’m living my way today

See, at this point tomorrow isn’t guaranteed

It’s all about now so forget what you believe

I give my middle finger to society better believe it

It’s all about my life so I am going to use it

I’m going to use immediately, creatively

Don’t care what I see today it’s all about me

Today I’m gonna skin my teeth walk down the street

Light on my feet don’t care who I meet

Today I’m choosing me

Nobody’s gonna use me, abuse me

Or try to confuse me

I’m going with my own agenda

A born pretender, today I don’t have a fiver to lend ya

Today I’m gonna be like cha, you cant borrow my car

Don’t care, forget who you are

For so long it’s been all about you

You, you, you, your issues so now hear the coup

I’m more than just a name number or a file

A cute face and a smile

Forget the big picture my life is worthwhile

My life’s worth more than a grave in a park

I wanna make my mark

My existence recognised as art

I want my opinions heard a final word

Acknowledgement of what my life was worth

You see, it’s all too late fore me

So don’t be fooled by what you see

Look into my eyes they no longer gleam

All I have is the dream of what could have been

You see dear death has taken me

I no longer have a reality

I no longer have my life to waste

I can no longer touch smell feel or taste

I cannot live for the moment for the moment has gone

I no longer have a say yet the world still going on

And as the world still turns

I wish that I learned way before now what my life was worth

I hope when you wake from this dream you remember

Race creed colour or gender

Giver taker receiver or sender you are life in all its splendour

You may not even remember this night

But just for me remember one thing love your life

©OneNess Sankara 2005


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